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"PANIC ROOM" By Cherry Lou Sy

I'm absolutely honored to be a part of a reading of this wonderful new play. Please join us online on Monday, June 14th at 7pm!

Panic Room: An Unkindness of Ravens

by Cherry Lou Sy directed by Eugene Ma

edited for online broadcast by Brad Davies

presented with Leviathan Lab

Monday, June 14th @ 7pm

History is a nightmare that we're trying to awake from, and instead of the American Dream, a group of people in a Grief Support group find out what the absurdities mean when racism, prejudice, and misconceptions collide.

CAST Manuela Sosa - Milagros/Raven #1/FOP #1 Maybe Burke - Reyna/Raven #2/FOP #2 Brigitte Thieme-Burdette -Mackenzie/Raven #3/FOP #3 Eston Fung - Bobby Lee/May's Mom/May's Dad/Policeman Jenelle Chu - May Adam J. Huff - Brian/Manservant/Hot Young Thing (Male) Sauda Jackson - Usher/The Earl

PRODUCING TEAM Ariel Estrada, Producer (Leviathan Lab) Rebecca Lovett, Producer (Episcopal Actors' Guild) Jenni Ogasian, Production Assistant Isabel Yun-Ru Chen, Production Intern


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