After observing auditions for the BFA programs at my alma mater, Pace School of Performing Arts, and working the Columbia University MFA Acting program auditions for two years, I've learned from the decision makers (who happen to be my own audition coaches and teachers) what culminates in a successful college/grad school audition - and what does not. 


Sometimes, it's completely out of your control - like when they've already called back five three-headed monsters from the previous week's auditions and although you're a great three-headed monster, they already have five to choose from. Sometimes, it's completely within your control - like when you came in with a bad attitude because your iced caramel mocha chai tea latte was too cold.

During these auditions and my own grad school callbacks at Yale, Juilliard, NYU, USD/Old Globe, USC and Columbia, I've learned that there are really only three major secrets to success: pick the right pieces, be your best self and have fun! Easier said than done right?


During our one-hour coaching sessions,

I will put you at ease by:

  • Finding the right contemporary and classical audition pieces for you, that you love working on 

  • Making those pieces work for the unique person that you are (for example, we might work on making sure the story is being told, relating the piece to you and pursuing an action)

  • Rehearsing entering the room and interviewing

  • Feeling comfortable on-camera to nail those self-tape pre-screens

  • Learning how to accept nerves, trouble-shoot in the moment and stay connected

Currently coaching in the

DC-metro area through 2021!

Contact me to find out more and how I can help you feel confident, comfortable and kick-ass in your college acting and musical theatre auditions!

Rates are on a sliding scale. No one should be prevented from pursuing their dreams because their family cannot afford it. We will figure something out. 

With the in depth knowledge of why one student gets a callback and another does not, I'm pumped to pass this information on to young actors gearing up for undergrad and grad school auditions! 

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