In-Person in NYC and Northern Virginia

Available on Zoom wherever you are in the world!


"I found a level of comfort and confidence I never thought I could feel in front of the camera."

"Working with Brigitte was a game-changer for me. I contacted her to help me prepare for my first film role. I had performed in theater for many years, but was very nervous about making the transition to film...and, I was playing the lead role in the film, so there was absolutely no margin for error! I was so nervous about being on-screen, but within a few weeks of working with Brigitte, I began to feel more confident and more at ease. When I began filming, I performed without any fear and felt totally comfortable in my skin the entire time....  Everything felt genuine and grounded in truth. Nothing felt forced and I never felt insecure. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing....I found a level of comfort and confidence I never thought I could feel in front of the camera. Performing in my first film was a beautiful experience, and I whole-heartedly believe Brigitte was a major reason for that. She helped me find my best acting, and she made it feel almost effortless. Brigitte is the first person I'll turn to when I need help preparing for a was an incredible experience!" 

 Fianna Litvok

Actor, Writer, Producer

*worked only on Zoom!


"She pushes me when I need to be pushed, but in a kind and supportive way."

"Brigitte has been a great working coach, she has helped me grow and think of things in a more in depth way. She helps me make choices I might not have thought of, pushes me when I need to be pushed but in a kind and supportive way. Working on zoom is pretty effortless and we always get a great result. Recently she helped me book a co-star on Blue Bloods, a short film and has helped me get pinned for several projects. Love working with Brigitte!"


Ruth Solorzano, actor

More to come!

College & MFA Audition Coaching


After observing auditions for the BFA programs at my alma mater, Pace School of Performing Arts, and working the Columbia University MFA Acting program auditions for two years, I've learned from the decision makers (who happen to be my own audition coaches and teachers) what culminates in a successful college/grad school audition - and what does not. 


Sometimes, it's completely out of your control - like when they've already called back five three-headed monsters from the previous week's auditions and although you're a great three-headed monster, they already have five to choose from. Sometimes, it's completely within your control - like when you came in with a bad attitude because your iced caramel mocha chai tea latte was too cold.

During these auditions and my own grad school auditions over the course of 4 years at Columbia (accepted), USC (accepted), NYU Grad Acting (waitlist), USD/Old Globe (waitlist), Yale Drama (callbacks), Juilliard (callbacks), I've learned that there are really only three major secrets to success: pick the right pieces, be your best self and have fun! Easier said than done right?

Coach 1.jpg

During our one-hour coaching sessions, we will:

  • Find the right contemporary and classical audition pieces for you, that you love working on ​

  • Make those pieces work for the unique person that you are (for example, we might work on making sure the story is being told, relating the piece to you and pursuing an action)​

  • Replace habits that don't serve you with ones that do

  • Rehearse entering the room and interviewing​

  • Help you feel comfortable on-camera to nail those self-tape pre-screens​

  • Learn how to accept nerves, trouble-shoot in the moment and stay connected

  • Practice taking all sorts of direction, no matter how far it may be from your original choices

  • Instill a mindset of curiosity and get you thinking like an actor who makes interesting choices

Contact me to find out how I can help you feel confident, comfortable and kick ass in your college Acting and Musical Theatre auditions!

In-Person Rates:


$190/pack of 4 (14% discount)

Zoom Rates:


$180/pack of 4 (10% discount)

*Sliding scale for

underserved communities.

No one should be prevented from pursuing their dreams because their family cannot 

afford it. We will figure something out. 

For those who sign up for multiple sessions, you can also expect:

  • Support on your audition days through text, FaceTime, etc.

  • Help with resumes, clothing, travel advice and any other questions you have as you complete your applications and get ready to audition

With the in depth knowledge of why one student gets a callback and another does not, I'm pumped to pass this information on to young actors gearing up for undergrad and grad school auditions! 

Private Lessons

At the cornerstone of my philosophy is what I call "safe and sustainable acting". An artist can be mentally and physically healthy and still be incredibly effective. We need not torture ourselves for art!


In our private lessons, I aim to establish technique and process, build the actor's toolbox and harness a mindset of curiosity and empathy. Whether preparing for high school, undergrad or grad school auditions in the future, or learning how to dig into a script, I teach actors to embark on a journey of exploration and to take ownership of their art.


Lessons are highly personalized to the actor's needs based on the their goals and what I observe as we work together. There is no one size fits all training module, as we are all different people with different needs.

Contact me today to see if we're a good fit!

In-Person Rates:


$70/1.5 hr*

$190/pack of 4 (14% discount)

Zoom Rates:


$180/pack of 4 (10% discount)

*Siblings may opt for a 1.5 hour lesson, split between the two

**Sliding scale for 

underserved communities.

No one should be prevented from pursuing

 their dreams because their family cannot

afford it. We will figure something out. 

For example, current clients are working on:

  • Learning various processes for how to approach a new text   (monologues, scripts, audition sides)

  • Understanding and personalizing Shakespeare monologues

  • Line learning techniques

  • Freeing the body from habitual movements

  • Overall body and voice cohesion and breath coordination

  • Pursuing an action and putting it on "the other"

  • Warm-ups to cultivate a keen sense of awareness in the body

  • Articulation and tongue placement 

  • IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) for accents and dialects

  • Understanding style

    • and SO MUCH more!


At our first lesson, we'll have a little chat and then we'll play around with a bunch of different exercises as I get to know you and see how you work. This work we do is intended to be long-term. As impatient and results-oriented as we may be, learning happens slowly. You can't rush growth. 

In-person lessons take place either in your home (preferably with a quiet basement or any other open area) or at my studio in Potomac Falls.

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about me

My training spans from Columbia University (MFA Acting, 2022) and Pace University (BFA Acting, 2012), to The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ (Apprenticeship) and The Atlantic Acting School (Evening Conservatory). At these programs and at other private studios, I’ve worked hands on and in-depth with techniques that cultivate emotional, physical and vocal freedom. Techniques include Alexander Technique, Meisner, Stanislavski, Feldenkrais, Michael Chekhov, Viewpoints, Laban, Linklater, Fitzmaurice, Improv and more.

I’ve had the honor of studying with some of the most innovative and respected acting teachers of our time, including Ron Van Lieu, Scott Zigler, Peter Jay Fernandez, Sita Mani, James Calleri, Bruce Cromer, Ellen Lauren, just to name a few.


As an actor, I have worked at Shakespeare Theatre Company, Mosaic Theatre Company, Virginia Stage Company, Toms River Shakespeare Festival, The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, Adirondack Shakespeare Company, Punchdrunk (creators of Sleep No More), and many others. On TV, you can catch me on Investigation Discovery’s A Crime To Remember and Nick Jr.’s Team UmiZoomi. Films include countless student and short films over the years in NYC. At Columbia, I’ve been a part of the new play development process for many full length and one act plays.


I offer Private Lessons for persons of any age and skill level who would like to learn technique, develop specifics of their physical instrument and how to think like an actor. Private Lessons are geared towards long term study and growth. They are also a great option for executives and folks who would like to cultivate a dynamic presence and improve public speaking.


I also offer Coaching Sessions and support throughout audition season for high school, undergrad and graduate school auditions.