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I love storytelling. I'm very lucky to be able to pursue a career that I find fun and challenging everyday. From my junior year at Pace Performing Arts, until May 2015, I worked at NBC News. While I learned an immense amount about business, finance, marketing, and production, I couldn't go through life without pursuing acting. So I quit and here I am!


Other passions include but are not limited to: eavesdropping, diy home improvement projects, riding bikes, always having some sort of a mission (especially at parties) and lurking on r/DuggarSnark. Oh, and of course...teaching :)

I offer Coaching Sessions, support and pre-screen recording throughout audition season for high school, undergrad and graduate school auditions. The general goal is to take the pressure off by beginning a young actor's higher education training journey. This results in actors already having the confidence to fail gloriously and be in process, which makes for dynamic and playful exploration in the room. With tons of positive reinforcement from me, actors are already in the good goo and figuring out who they are as artists when it's time to submit pre-screens and do live auditions.

I also offer Private Lessons for persons of any age and skill level who would like to learn technique, develop specifics of their physical instrument and how to think like an actor. Private Lessons are geared towards long term study and growth. They are also a great option for executives and folks who would like to cultivate a dynamic presence and improve public speaking.

Woman doing a handstand in sports bra and shorts in the middle of a snowy New York City street

Did You Know? Running your hands and feet under warm water restores feeling much quicker than dry heat alone! Source: me after getting this shot.

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