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Fairytales and Other Stories that Scare Me - Now Streaming!

Fairytales and Other Stories that Scare Me Conceived, Written, and Directed by Rebecca Miller Kratzer (Directing 2021) A Second Year Virtual Directing Presentation Streaming June 3-12, 2021 Run Time: 40 min To gain access to this virtual production, please click here.

FAIRYTALES AND OTHER STORIES THAT SCARE ME is a dream ballet that explores the building blocks of our subconscious, the stories that feed us, and our desire for control within dreams. Using fragments from stories that have long held me in their grip - The Little Matchstick Girl, Bluebeard's Castle, The Yellow Wallpaper, and Baba Yaga - the film links these four stories and tracks one woman's trajectory from childhood to old age. Fairytales... is about freedom, womanhood, intuition, and the questions we ask ourselves in the dark.

Content Warning: This film contains flashing lights with a strobe-like effect and brief partial nudity. Creative Producer: Anabel Manuela Romero (Theater Management & Producing 2022) Choreographer: Rafaella Rosenberg (Theater Management & Producing 2022) Dramaturg: Anisa Rose Threlkeld (Dramaturgy 2021) Production Stage Manager: Vanessa Rebeil (Stage Management 2022) Assistant Stage Managers: Amy Rauchwerger (Stage Management 2023) and Samm Lynch (Stage Management 2023) Interim Stage Manager: Eden Mullins (Stage Management 2022) Featuring: Gillian Abbott (Acting 2022) and Brigitte Thieme-Burdette (Acting 2022)


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