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"I found a level of comfort and confidence I never thought I could feel in front of the camera."

"Working with Brigitte was a game-changer for me. I contacted her to help me prepare for my first film role. I had performed in theater for many years, but was very nervous about making the transition to film...and, I was playing the lead role in the film, so there was absolutely no margin for error! I was so nervous about being on-screen, but within a few weeks of working with Brigitte, I began to feel more confident and more at ease. When I began filming, I performed without any fear and felt totally comfortable in my skin the entire time....  Everything felt genuine and grounded in truth. Nothing felt forced and I never felt insecure. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing....I found a level of comfort and confidence I never thought I could feel in front of the camera. Performing in my first film was a beautiful experience, and I whole-heartedly believe Brigitte was a major reason for that. She helped me find my best acting, and she made it feel almost effortless. Brigitte is the first person I'll turn to when I need help preparing for a was an incredible experience!" 

 Fianna Litvok

Actor, Writer, Producer

*worked only on Zoom!


"She pushes me when I need to be pushed, but in a kind and supportive way."

"Brigitte has been a great working coach, she has helped me grow and think of things in a more in depth way. She helps me make choices I might not have thought of, pushes me when I need to be pushed but in a kind and supportive way. Working on zoom is pretty effortless and we always get a great result. Recently she helped me book a co-star on Blue Bloods, a short film and has helped me get pinned for several projects. Love working with Brigitte!"


Ruth Solorzano, actor


"One of the improvements I saw in my own work ... is truly embracing what I had to say."

"The first time I received support from Brigitte was when I attempted my first round of MFA Auditions. At that time, she had a blog documenting her journey, and it was extremely helpful. So much so that when I began my second attempt at MFA auditions, I sought out her blog again and discovered that she was now doing coaching. I decided to have a consultation call with her and was excited to find that not only was she willing to help me through the audition process but that she held a passion for the craft and the school she attended in such an infectious way. She helped me every step of the way from picking the material to potential interview questions.  When it came to constructing my actual audition, she was able to provide an outside eye and let me know when/if the message of my material was getting across. One of the improvements I saw in my own work throughout this time is truly embracing what I had to say. I can be a very reserved person at times, but this does not serve me well in auditions, so she helped me to break out of that box. If you were to work with Brigitte, I would say be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and develop more confidence in your abilities. I am happy to say that after working with Brigitte I was accepted into a top MFA Program that I believe will fit my personality and career goals perfectly."

Scenarious Thurmond

Matriculated, Columbia University MFA Acting 2025

Callback weekends: Columbia, USC

More to come!

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