Brigitte has studied with some of the most innovative and respected acting teachers in the world including Ron Van Lieu, Peter Jay Fernandez, Manoel Felciano, Sita Mani and James Calleri. 

Brigitte thrives in preparing young actors for their high school, undergrad and grad school auditions. 


Deep Dive 

All My Sons by Arthur Miller

Through a close read of All My Sons, we will discover how to read a play like an actor, a dramaturg, a director and a designer. We will dig into why the playwright used the words he did, what 

Students are welcome to attend in-person or via Zoom. A maximum of 6 students will be allowed in-person, with an additional 4 on Zoom. Masks must be worn by each actor when they are not working. 

Mondays & Thursdays


2 weeks - September 21, 24, 28 & October 1


Age: High schoolers & beyond

Location: TBD in Sterling/Ashburn

Secrets to Shakespeare

We all had to read some Shakespeare play in high school right? How much of it did you understand?.Why not speak normally?!? Well, this class is for the naysayers, the skeptics and even those lucky few who are already well-versed with Shakespeare's words and want to connect to what they're saying. We will look into how this language can be utilized in performance so that you and the audience both care about and understand what you're saying! 

Week 1: Out of the head and into the body! Learn the technical basics that will set you free. Monologues assigned after 1st class

Week 2: Personalization & Monologues - What does this piece really mean to you? 

Week 3: Scenes assigned & 

Week 4: First Folio Technique & Scene work

Week 5: Scene work

Week 6: Live outdoor socially distanced backyard open rehearsal for friends and family! (we will use the term "open rehearsal" so that students can remember to remain in process and in a state of discovery, thus scraping away at the habit of "putting on a performance") 

Students are welcome to attend in-person or via Zoom to observe. A maximum of 6 students will be allowed in-person, with an additional 4 on Zoom. Masks must be worn by each actor when they are not working. 

Tuesdays & Fridays


6 weeks - September 15, 18, 22, 25, 29 & October 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23


Ages: High schoolers & beyond

Location: TBD in Sterling/Ashburn

Processing Covid Through Chekhov and Austen


How does it feel to want to go somewhere so incredibly badly, but something keeps stopping you? How does it feel to see your life passing you by, never getting those things you so deeply deserve and were promised? How does it feel to constantly live in the past? 


These sorts of experiences, and more, are what many Chekovian characters are going through. We often read Chekhov and think "they don't do anything". Well, Covid-19 is the perfect lens through which to look at Chekhov. We're now so much more familiar with how these characters felt and what it's like to be bored yet so greatly in need of something


Nothing was open, there was nowhere to go even if you did . It was all very Chekovian and very boring, yet anxiety inducing. Not knowing what’s going to happen next. Not knowing when our lives are going to begin. Things like proms, soccer championships, the spring musical, all taken away from us even though we did ourselves nothing wrong. Anton Chekov and Jane Austen understood the feelings that come out of all that uncertainty, all that angst and anguish while seemingly nothing is happening.


Remember going to the grocery store in April 2019 versus April 2020? It went from an everyday inconsequential action, to a major consequential event. The smallest of actions suddenly meant so much more during covid – and this is the type of thing we will explore in Chekhov’s plays. Chekhov is hard because it often seems like nothing is happening and that these characters don’t make sense. Due to covid, we have new insight into these humans because we’ve all lived through their pain and struggle far more than ever before. 

In this class, we will use Chekhov's characters as an outlet to connect to the feelings and situations we've lived through with the recent lockdowns. 

The class will deepen the student's understanding of Chekhov's work and enliven personalization through working on scenes in his plays. The class will culminate in an "open rehearsal" for friends and family. 

Students will also learn how to rehearse with one another in and out of the classroom, how to learn lines by rote and 


Mondays & Thursdays


4 weeks - September 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 & October 2


Ages: Grades 11, 12 and undergraduates (grades 9 and 10 may be accepted after an interview with student and parents)

Location: TBD in Sterling/Ashburn

Week 1: Understanding Chekhov, rehearsal process, how to learn lines & scenes assigned. Homework: read your play and begin learning lines

Week 2: Table work & 1st rehearsal off book

Week 3: Rehearsal & Rehearsal

Week 4: Rehearsal & Live outdoor socially distanced open rehearsal